BMW X6 2018 Rumors and Review

The X6 is the car that established the tendency four coupe-like crossovers back in 2007 so it is also the top selling model in its category. The ongoing version has been released back 2014 and you would expect BMW to keep it on the market at least until 2020. However, it seems that this is not the full circumstance. The X5 will get a rework next year and it seems that the upcoming 2018 BMW X6 will receive almost all of the changes as well. The major change by a large margin is going to be the platform. The brand new car is going to use BMW’s CLAR structures which is also used on their latest sedans and on the future X5. This will allow those to shave quite a little bit of weight form the X6 all while adding a whole lot of structural rigidity to the new car.

2018 BMW X6 Rumors

2018 BMW X6 Rumors


BMW X6 2018 Redesign

On the outside, the new 2018 X6 is likely to be just as sporty and modern even as were hoping for. Utility was once not a strong suit of the model, but it appears things are slowly changing for the better.

Or at least, the number of cool features are receiving more efficient at making people forget the lack of practicality that is included with a few of the X6’s features – like the awkward roofline, for example.

Sure, it looks awesome from the exterior, but once you get in and your head starts bumping, things will not be as really, believe us.

Still, features such as advanced xenon headlights, LED fog lighting, an optional sunroof, and much larger, 19-inch rims are accounted and present for. Increase it a broad selection of colors and trim options therefore you get another winner in the family.

Inside, the 2018 BMW X6 is probable not heading to offer as much room as you might have expected, but there will be lots of features and devices to keep your brain from the just a little cramped space.

Power adjustable tire, heated power forward seats, tons of timber and fine leather for the upholstery, dual-zone environment control and folding rear seats are just a few of the niceties that BMW has in store.

2018 BMW X6 Interior

2018 BMW X6 Interior


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BMW X6 2018 Engine

The 2018 BMW X6 is expected to feature very similar engines to the ongoing model. The base car should continue with a 3 liter inline 6 petrol engine with little over 300 horsepower and 300 lb-ft of torque.

Both the X6 50i and the X6 M are anticipated to ditch the old 4.4 liter V8 in the favor of a smaller 4 liter unit. This would be part of BMW’s modular engine structures and it would be capable of approximately the same outputs levels.

The 3 liter inline 6 diesel on the other hands is likely heading to be transported over with little to no changes in any way.

2018 BMW X6 Review

2018 BMW X6 Review


BMW X6 2018 Release Date and Price

Well, it is hard to see about its price tag in this example. Many rumors circulating upon this motor car and we need to hang on the state confirmation. Learning from the predecessor that was offered with the price tag about $103,000 and we thing it will be more for BMW X6 2018 because some changes added in this version.


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